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Circle in the Fire

It’s Friday night, and a decidedly eclectic assortment of Chicagoans gather in the evening hours to traverse the Zhou B Art Center, sip beer, and mingle with fellow attendees.

Bombing Style

Mario Gonzalez Jr. calls himself a “graffiti purist, hard core.” In his show “Style Bombing,” Gonzalez brings that artistry to the gallery, expertly walking the line between fine art and street art.

Graffiti Graduates

Graffiti writing is by nature eye-catching, designed to capture the fickle attention of the passersby. “Has Beens & Wannabes” at the Zhou B Art Center certainly bears the imprint of this heritage.

Natural Selection

Friday night outside the Zhou B. Art Center, the low thumping of house music and huddled groups of gallery habitués on smoke breaks penetrated the otherwise deserted street. Inside, the buzz of voices transported gallery-goers to a livelier place, where…

Chic chicas

The Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport bustled with activity during Thursday’s Latino Fashion Week event. Patrons, vendors, and participants moved through the front hall of the center, which was filled to the brim with tables lined with bright signs and colorful clothing.

Best of the South Side 2009: Bridgeport

Originally called Hardscrabble, Bridgeport began as a community of Irish-American canal workers paid for their labor with land deeds. While its segregation from the South Side’s black neighborhoods made it a hotbed of torrid racial relations up through the ’90s,…