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An Alternative Summer Breeze

This past Saturday, wedged in between the mechanical bull, the moon bounce, and shirtless Frisbee tossers, five bands took the stage as part of WHPK 88.5 FM’s annual Summer Breeze concert. The show was organized primarily by the managers of…

Pillaging Hallowed Grounds

Something was wrong at the Reynolds Club. The late Saturday sun hadn’t quite set, and passersby on 57th street turned their faces up towards the second floor coffee shop with varying degrees of concern, curiosity, and confusion. The perpetrator? The…

Joyful Noise

Sponsored by the University of Chicago’s campus radio station, WHPK 88.5, this event brings together two musicians with little in common besides their axes of choice.

Sound it out

With talent drawn from the deliciously obscure Midwestern avant-noise/free music scene, “Pictures and Sounds” revisited the live soundtrack tradition of early silent film.

Rabbi Radio

A gap in WHPK 88.5 FM’s programming will finally be filled this summer with the arrival of the station’s first Jewish interest show. Rabbi Yossi Brackman of the University of Chicago’s Chabad House describes his upcoming show, tentatively titled “L’Chaim…

Dedicated DJs

Operating 24/7/365, WHPK provides constant company for its small listenership. This dogged airwave presence is made possible by force of the dedication and gracious will of its DJs. But station maintenance is highly decentralized.