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Passing Through

Visitors at Sunday’s Renaissance Society opening of “Passing Through the Opposite of What It Approaches, Chapter 25” walked right up to the paintings, their noses nearly brushing wood.

Route 666

Four men, one woman; she’s blonde, while the guys sport variations of an unkempt jet-black mop. She, Lariyah Daniels, traverses the stage in a leather corset, while her band- mates assume their positions: guitarists riffing with their legs wide apart, drummer headbang- ing, everyone wearing an evil grin.

Saturn Ascends

An otherworldly drone wavers in and out of audible range, welcoming visitors to the show, “In a Saturnian World.” The exhibit’s walls set up a loosely circular trajectory, throwing visitors into orbit as they enter the University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society.

Equal opportunity offender

Comedy is like sex” began South African standup comedian Trevor Noah. This opening line from last Thursday’s event, which was sponsored by the UofC’s Students Promoting Interracial Networks and the African-Caribbean Students’ Association, earned both gasps and chuckles.

Southern Lights

On a poster mailed to incoming University of Chicago students, the campus is portrayed looking north. The gothic architecture lining the Midway Plaisance is in the foreground, while the remaining portion of campus holds the middle of the frame.

Chapter 2

For nearly 50 years, the intricate maze of books that lies at the bottom of a steep staircase in the basement of the Chicago Theological Seminary building at 5757 South University Avenue in Hyde Park has been an incredibly popular place to get lost.