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The Four Stomachs of Sustainability

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Eisenmann Biogas System in the gravel backyard of the Plant on November 9th, speakers ranging from Alderman Pat Dowell to Eisenmann President Mark West tried to explain how the System, represented by a circle in the gravel, would work.

The Arcade’s Project

Chris Tourre co-founded a company based on what he calls the “untapped marriage of video games and beer.” This seemingly juvenile obsession with beer is misleading, though, because Tourre is into good beer, really good beer. He and his business partner Lance Curran are the two guys behind Arcade Brewery.

Back of the Yards

Just southwest of the former Union Stockyards, there’s a neighborhood that, for better or for worse, will always be defined by them. While the area is still heavily blue-collar, the grim realities of stockyard life immortalized in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” have drifted off into history.