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Sex-positive party

It was a conservative pundit’s worst nightmare. In a fit of ecstatic tolerance, sexual discrimination, gender binaries, and the heteronormative hierarchy disappeared. Out of the remaining wormhole came free HIV testing, drag shows, dancing, and wholehearted acceptance–such was the scene…

God Save the Scene

The Orphanage, on the second floor of the community center attached to Bridgeport’s First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, seamlessly merges luxury with punk. At last Wednesday’s show, kids in studded jackets kicked their Docs up on velvet divans and sipped on cans of cheap beer.

Best of the South Side 2008: Bridgeport

Historically, Bridgeport has been known both as a working-class Irish neighborhood and a home to well-connected politicians, including both Mayors Daley. However, there is another side to Bridgeport: a diverse, artistic neighborhood that welcomes outsiders without losing its strong community…