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Karamela Cafe

After six months of unexpected delays, Karmela Café has finally opened her doors to the residents of the South Loop. While the backup, due to an owner who abandoned the eatery, may have had some people questioning the quality of this dainty little creperie and pastry shop, the throngs of people who braved a Chicago storm for a free sample of banana chocolate chip loaf prove otherwise.

Remembering Von

If not for the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, the Jazz Showcase would have been dark and smoky. Even so, it was dim enough inside for a memorial service– more specifically, a memorial show honoring the late, great jazz saxophonist…

South Loop

The South Loop is not an easy neighborhood to encapsulate. “It’s not very cohesive yet,” admits Ryan of Sloopin, a blog dedicated to the going-ons in the swathe of land that bleeds into the touristy gleam of Grant Park to…

Pressed and Ready

Cooking a waffle is a straightforward thing–any monkey can put an Eggo in a microwave. But Waffles–a new South Loop brunch joint–makes a big impression with its creative takes on this breakfast staple.

The South Loop

From far away, the towering condo buildings of the South Loop appear crystalline and new, the products of more than 30 years of development. Yet the streets tell a much different story, worn by the highs and lows of the neighborhood’s past. Once the place to live in Chicago, Prairie Avenue hosted some of the city’s most recognizable families, including the Pullmans and Fields.