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Power from the People

“Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done now!” Reverend Booker Steven Vance’s canorous voice enveloped the crowd that filled West Point Missionary Baptist Church in Bronzeville. “Something needs to be done now,” repeated a rather tall,…

High-Octane Sound

Johnny Drummer wants to know if Lady Cadillac is in the building. A woman at the back of the joint in white go-go boots, ostensibly not Lady Cadillac, calls out to the septuagenarian bluesman, letting him know that he is …

Swept Under the Rug

In a meeting with housekeepers on April 7, University of Chicago administrators announced their plans for major changes to the current housekeeping staff. The proposal calls for a consolidation of Housing personnel, the full-time housekeepers who serve the residence halls, and Facilities staff, who work in on-campus buildings.

A Cause for Jubilee

Rev. Vance’s message is clear enough: the devil is no fiery denizen of hell–he has a corner office in the Loop. And those “forces of evil” mentioned earlier? They have one face to the people in this room: foreclosure.