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Fried Chicken for the Soul

“I highly suggest the quarter fried chicken,” says Yvette, my waitress for the day. “It’s what we’re known for around here.” Chicken quarters are lightly breaded in what seems to be a cayenne-infused breading and flour mixture, dunked into a pot of bubbling oil, and served with my choice of macaroni and cheese and chilled coleslaw.

Miss Lee’s Good Food

The small neon sign taking up the narrow storefront window tells you what you need to know:  Miss Lee’s Good Food. The neighborhood is tough–like many unassuming takeouts across the South Side, the kitchen and cash register are closed off…

Best of the South Side 2010

Literally the crossing of two major railroad lines–the Illinois Central Railroad and the Lake Shore & Michigan Railroad–this historic community area has seen better days. In the second half of the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth, the rails ruled the city (and the nation) and Grand Crossing was king of the South Side. The trains brought a labor force of European immigrants from the North and blacks from the South; industry and trade flourished, and the neighborhood became a junction not just of steam and steel, but of cultures, as well.