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You May Not Know What Happened

According to the Electromagnetic Spectrum, the “host” of “The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act,” the play is supposed to “cover some important basics: the Yeti, Charles Darwin, miracles versus non-miracles, lying, fact-checking, rope-making methods of Siberia, and flying mammals.”

Space Jam

At night, Pilsen is bathed in a kind of urban yellow. The light slides over buildings, all either half-lit or dark. What makes Roxaboxen Exhibitions striking, then, are the red letters hanging in the window.

Dirty Laundry

The back of a dry cleaner is steamy and uncomfortable, cramped with pressed clothes, plastic bags, and the smell of solvent. The day before the opening of “Maze,” a mixed-media installation at Roxaboxen Exhibitions, the gallery space is quiet and dusty, its low ceilings almost touching the top rack of men’s dress shirts.