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The Hepcats of Room 43

One of Miles Davis’ solos was like a “religious experience.” “It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he confides, “better than sex, better than any drug I ever took.” With that he finishes his cigarette and heads inside.

Monk and Mingus

Copacetic composers Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus were brought back to life this past weekend. No, it wasn’t the work of new science or an ancient spell; rather, this was the University of Chicago’s Jazz X-tet’s set, “Monk and Mingus.”…

Out of Hiding

Bernard Scavella, the veteran saxophonist, is a man of few words. His breath seems like a terrible thing to waste. The virtuoso divides his time between his work as a pharmacist and mesmerizing gaggles of jazz buffs on the weekends.…