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Dancing just to wake up

Louis Turcotte was not dancing, he was pacing rapidly, pantomiming the carriage of a hard-boiled egg over his cupped palm. He was lunging, conveying himself as horizontally as bipedalism allows–all with the aplomb of a classical danseur (after all, he was a cast member in the University Ballet of Chicago’s recent production of Swan Lake).

The art of mourning

On the evening of Wednesday, March 31, under the vaulted, cavernous ceiling of the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, attendees to “Interreligious Ceremony: Killed, Remembered,” a service for victims of gun violence, were invited to sit in a small,…

Remembering the Dream

“Martin should have been born in June,” Rev. Joseph Lowery said, laughing. As the keynote speaker at Thursday’s MLK Commemoration Service at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Rev. Lowery spoke to a crowd of a couple hundred people, despite the fact that…