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Disarming Feminism

Angela Davis called for a new, expanded conception of feminism that would incorporate more inclusive imaginings of gender and race and challenge systems of mass incarceration. At times, however, Davis’ enthusiasm for expansion threatened to dilute the force of her speech.

Night of the lifeless dead

Theater-Hikes’ open-air production of “Night of the Living Dead,” which ran last weekend in Hyde Park on a patch of land on the southwest corner of 58th Street and Woodlawn Avenue, could have used a little more chaos and a lot more gore.

Illustrious circus

The overcast Chicago sky had made good on its threatening appearance, showering the crowd of around 200 as they hurried through the doors for the production “Illustre”–the culmination of a year’s work for the University of Chicago circus troupe Le Vorris & Vox.

Jane Goodall speaks (to humans)

Her white hair pulled back in a signature low ponytail. On the road for 300 days a year, she travels with a bodyguard and a personal assistant. Anthropology professors and college students pay her equal homage. She’s won seemingly every…

Righting Wongs

Dropped stitches in knitting are mistakes; they create gaps and destroy the integrity of a garment. And if they aren’t fixed when noticed, dropped stitches will unravel, producing more problems than solutions. Christina Wong used this metaphor of knitted mistakes…

Happy Birthday Darwin

“Classrooms and labs, loud boiling test tubes, sing to the Lord a new song!” the congregation sang during the processional hymn of the service held in the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel Sunday morning. Several hundred people gathered for a…