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Bridgeport is one of Chicago’s “up-and-coming” neighborhoods. New foodie havens, a booming arts scene, and hopping nightlife beckon twenty-somethings and art types from across the city. While it is certifiably hip, Bridgeport feels strangely isolated from its surrounding communities in terms of geography and character, which gives it a quirky, organic hometown vibe.

Breaded Bliss

As I walk through the old-fashioned wooden doors of Ricobene’s, the Diana Ross classic “I’m Coming Out” softly directs me towards the old school counter in a mesmerizing fashion. Ricobene’s is a family-owned Bridgeport institution. Started by twin brothers and kept in the family to this day, this well-loved eatery has been serving up a comprehensive menu of Italian-American classics, fast food staples–and bizarrely enough–house-smoked barbecue since 1946.