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Saturn Ascends

An otherworldly drone wavers in and out of audible range, welcoming visitors to the show, “In a Saturnian World.” The exhibit’s walls set up a loosely circular trajectory, throwing visitors into orbit as they enter the University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society.

Hyde Park & Kenwood

Hyde Park and Kenwood are mostly residential and tree-lined, amber and beautiful in the autumn. The lake still reflects each sunrise, sending plumes of fog rolling west in the springtime. Surely more changes will come, but for now this area is a place for schoolchildren and undergraduates, working parents and professors, and of course, the President and those peculiar parakeets.

Ceramic Namelessness

Like “Age of Aquarius,” the gallery’s previous show, “O’Brien” is a fun exhibition, wild, eclectic, and colorful. About a hundred ceramic pieces sit tightly arranged on a wooden, T-shaped table, and while a few terraced pyramids on the tabletop elevate some ceramics above the others, for the most part it’s pieces next to pieces next to pieces.

New Age

With the words,”This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius!” ringing in your head, images of bell-bottomed hippies dancing atop the University of Chicago’s Cobb Hall can’t help but come to mind.

The Hole Thing

On January 7, two days before Gerard Byrne’s exhibition “A thing is a hole in a thing it is not” opens to the public, the audio has not yet been installed and the four films that make up the artist’s new installation loop silently.

Colorful Language

David Moss is a self-described “extreme vocalist.” In his bizarre, entrancing performances, he babbles and sings in invented languages, his commanding but playful use of his voice leaving audiences speechless. This Saturday, at the University of Chicago’s Bond Chapel, Moss…