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Without Notice

On October 27, Regents Park was sold by Crescent Heights to Antheus, a developer locally represented by MAC Property Management. What that sale meant for the building’s employees remained unclear until 6pm, when Paul Richter, who had been the building manager for the past 23 years, carried his things out the front door.

Housing Guide 2011: Some Options

MAC Location: More than 70 properties in Hyde Park and Kenwood Amenities: MAC offers a wide-range of amenities for similar sized units. Expect those containing laundry machines, dishwashers, and granite counters to cost more. Bike rooms are common, and all…

The Great Debate

Walking around the University of Chicago campus last Friday and Saturday, you may have noticed an abundance of suits and ties or heard a snatch of conversation consisting almost entirely of acronyms. If so, you were probably in the presence…