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Lost in Transition

Clara Kirk’s West Englewood United Organization had begun with two feet firmly planted in the community, and maintained a good reputation across Chicago. Yet the very force that propelled the organization from its founding–its neighborhood spirit–may have been its downfall.

The Future of Woodlawn’s Housing

As the city and HUD plan Woodlawn’s future, some yearn for something more like the past. The official plan is an irresistible, seductive vision of Woodlawn’s future–a neighborhood reinventing itself anew as a place safe, immaculate, comfortable, and nothing like it was for the past couple of decades. But, will it work?


Off the Brown Line, past a Starbucks and a lighting store, near the Moody Bible Institute, around the corner from a restaurant that used to be cool, down the street from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, surrounded by churches on…