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Together Again

The third annual MDW Fair, a collection of 75 exhibitors from Chicago and beyond, took up the first and second floors of the Mana Contemporary Chicago space from Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 11. The website for the fair declares it to be a “showcase for independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries, and artist groups.” Yet, unlike many art expositions–the recent Expo Chicago held at Navy Pier comes to mind–its goal is not to promote sales or artists’ profiles, but rather to foster community: artists, craftsmen, and publishers gather for a weekend to interact with one another and the public in a pressure-free environment of art lovers.

Truck Show

“Once upon a time,” Tim the Mindbender drawled, “a magician lied to me.” It was 5pm on the first truly cold Saturday of the year. The small crowd, faces partially obscured by cups of cider, looked up from their tarot cards. With a grin, the magician situated himself in front of the open trunk of a white rent-a-truck capped with an old-time-circus-style sign decorated with doves.

Thalia’s Memories

[nggallery id=47] “Some things stay with you,” says Linda Baumgardner. She’s walking and reminiscing with her sisters, Lillian and Sally, and the object of their nostalgia is a large, graystone structure on Allport Street in Pilsen. It’s a monumental building…


The best thing about Pilsen, one resident points out,  is that it’s still “an honest to God neighborhood.” You’ll see a group of old men sitting on stoops and chatting in Spanish, children running in and out of the narrow…

Pilsen & Little Village

Pilsen and Little Village are cousins–not only because families often extend across the neighborhood boundaries, nor simply because they are both port-of-entry regions for recent Mexican immigrants. These two are a pair, now more than ever, because of a growing exchange between the two.

Many Truths

Paul Hopkin, curator of the Pilsen gallery Slow, embraces multiple perspectives in Slow’s newest show, “the low down.” The exhibition, a tribute to the subjectivity that colors our lives, features the work of photographers Caroline Allison and Danica Favorito and sculptor Jeffrey Grauel.

Social Artifacts

“The creation of artifacts is inevitable, for all will be remnants with the devouring of time,” writes Leonel Hernandez in his artist’s statement. One of eleven artists contributing to the third show at Cobalt Art Studio in Pilsen, Hernandez touches on a theme running through Artifice//Artifact.