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The Woman Behind the Lens

Vivian Maier took more than 100,000 photographs of Chicago’s streets when she wasn’t working as a nanny. To label her as a street photographer, however, oversimplifies her massively varied body of work.

Meeting Places

A group photography show, the “Space of the Encounter” examines everyday human interactions, the spaces in which they occur, and the relationship between each space and its inhabitants.

Dorothy’s Dilemma

“No Place Like Home” examines the “dissonances between the ideal and the reality of home,” according to a statement written by the show’s curator, Dawoud Bey. To the dismay of audiences everywhere, Bey claims, “the secure, idealized place [Dorothy] wishes to return to is one that exists largely as a mythic and nostalgic construct.” In other words, there really is no place like home.