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Dissenting Colors

“In any field of vision, you can’t see one artist’s work without the other,” Hopkin said. “Dave’s color palette makes Carron’s look garish, whereas the brightness of Carron’s color scheme brings out the ugliness in Dave’s.”

Till the Fat Lady Sings

“This is a powerf**k” is an apt tagline for Slow Gallery’s current exhibition. “It ain’t over…” is all about power and how we mess with it–it’s about breaking rules, challenging assumptions, confronting ourselves and our relationship with power of any…

The New Chicago Imagist

Hopkin says that someone who’s been doing something for a long time develops a special complexity. His exhibition space (and apartment), fittingly named Slow, stands on 21st Street. Its intention: to defend what he calls “normal” local artists–the people who are happy to do what they love without concern for fame. John Henley is one such artist.

Many Truths

Paul Hopkin, curator of the Pilsen gallery Slow, embraces multiple perspectives in Slow’s newest show, “the low down.” The exhibition, a tribute to the subjectivity that colors our lives, features the work of photographers Caroline Allison and Danica Favorito and sculptor Jeffrey Grauel.