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Deco Design

Tucked away at the very end of the 172’s route sits the Powhatan, a distinctive Art Deco building. It can be identified from blocks away by its distinctive crenellations along the roof and the painted terra cotta panels between windows,…

At Least Oak

Walking around 49th and Drexel this past Saturday, you could overhear people gushing over the Ryerson Mansion’s ornate doorknobs and murmuring, “This must have been a fern room. They went crazy over fern rooms around the turn of the century.”…

Behind the bars

Usually hidden behind a wall of brick, steel, and barbed wire, the Cook County Jail and Courthouse was opened to the public for a short time this past Saturday, as part of the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago series.

Parlor Games

This weekend, for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago, the Martinez Funeral Home opened its doors for the first time to more than its usual coffins and mourners, showcasing its mid-20th century architecture and, the main attraction, its embalming room.