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Coming to Terms

“It’s complicated.” That was how Bryant Jackson-Green, chairman of the libertarian UofC student organization Students for a Free Society, summed up his position on the Occupy movement for an audience member as he made his way up to the podium…

Slow-Motion Emergency

Everyone was well fed–Diane Adams made sure of it. The 56-year-old ran back and forth across the Woodlawn Mental Health Center so fast her red and orange outfit blurred into a comet.

PUSH for Justice

“Stop the killing!” Stop the killing. Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. is speaking at the national headquarters for his Rainbow/PUSH coalition, blocks from President Obama’s Hyde Park home.

Occupy’s Chicago Spring

Political movements can be hard to maintain–especially when they intend to publically bear the force of weather, police, and internal debate for as long as it takes to bring about change. In the earliest days of Occupy Chicago (OC) way…

Police Watch

95th and Dan Ryan is the end of the line. The farthest point south on the map of the ‘El,’ it is also where Michael Pleasance was killed in 2003. He was unarmed and standing in place when a police…

99% soup

This Thursday, the aroma of mouthwatering soup hung heavy in the air at the South Side Hub of Production in Hyde Park. Volunteers gathered for an organizational meeting of the “Soup Brigade,” a group of mostly retired women who cook up pots of soup for Occupy Chicago protesters.