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Waiting for the Bus

Today, there is no bus along 31st Street. In the neighborhoods the street cuts through, east-west bus service is lacking. Between Cermak Road and 47th Street, Chicago’s grid system of bus service breaks down, leaving large areas of white space on the CTA system map and roughly 200,000 people without a direct route.

Power Struggle

Into the inferno. In go the orange earplugs, and we step into the belly of the beast. The guide shouts to us over the roar of the furnace, but even with our ear protection in the place is clamorous–a coal…

It takes a village

“W-Y!” Michelle High, a third-year at the University of Chicago, yelled into the cafeteria half-full of middle school girls and their UofC mentors. “S-E!” the girls shouted back in unison, voices filling the whole room. The cheer kicked off Communities…