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After the Dust Settles

In her latest installation, “A Bad Idea Seems Good Again,” Alison Ruttan bridges the gap between home and the battlefield through a collection of small-scale clay replicas of buildings damaged in conflict.

A Monument to Monuments

“Hall of Khan” has turned HPAC into a riding stable, but the show is a monument to monuments, a peek into the way humans honor their history and the icons we deem important.

Theoretical Practice

String Theory isn’t Bette Cerf Hill’s first work with the Hyde Park Art Center, but it is certainly her most cosmically inclusive. “This starts with the big bang,” she says, walking through HPAC’s main entrance and indicating the first instance…

Tulle and Tapestry

This summer, Hyde Park Art Center’s Gallery 4 houses “Woven Gardens, Shredded Shadows,” an exhibition that showcases decades of woven works from artist Ani Afshar. Having divided her time between Turkey, Switzerland, and the United States, Afshar has lived a…

Paradise Lost

For an Englishman living in Australia, artist Kit Wise has a lot to say about ecology and sprawl in America. In his new piece “Arcadia,” which is on display at the Hyde Park Art Center through April 8, he uses…

An Unearthly Collection

The show is a study in how light on the edge of the visible spectrum can alter our traditional notions of color, shape, and space. Kerr and Nudd commissioned pieces from 30 North American and European artists, assembling a surreal showcase that utilizes highlighters, gel pens, and fluorescent foam.

Dorothy’s Dilemma

“No Place Like Home” examines the “dissonances between the ideal and the reality of home,” according to a statement written by the show’s curator, Dawoud Bey. To the dismay of audiences everywhere, Bey claims, “the secure, idealized place [Dorothy] wishes to return to is one that exists largely as a mythic and nostalgic construct.” In other words, there really is no place like home.