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Love & Money

“The art world is so big,” Shane Ward told an audience at the Hyde Park Art Center on Saturday, October 13. “To try to situate yourself in it is really challenging.” Unfortunately for Ward, that was exactly what HPAC had…

Reconceiving Time

In 1988, Adelheid Mers–curator of “Hairy Blob,” currently on view at the Hyde Park Arts Center–received a yearlong grant for graduate study at the University of Chicago’s Committee on the Visual Arts. “I spent all of my time in the…

Paradise Lost

For an Englishman living in Australia, artist Kit Wise has a lot to say about ecology and sprawl in America. In his new piece “Arcadia,” which is on display at the Hyde Park Art Center through April 8, he uses…

Game, Set, Match

Bibiana Suárez’s latest exhibit–an installation piece that combines the voluptuous rear-end of Jennifer Lopez, three glittery cowboys, vintage maps, and hand-painted signage–is an exhibit that attempts to speak for the growing sentiment of latinidad. The notion of a pan-ethnic solidarity…

Null and Void

According to the artist, “It Is What It Isn’t” is an attempt to “systematize and compartmentalize a huge concept: the void.” Freiburg breaks the void down into three categories: absence, loss, and the unknown, which respectively correspond with the numbers seven, five, and three.

Games for Girls

“Sis Boom Bah”, now on display at the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC), explores themes of gender equality and homosexuality in athletics through humor, kitsch, and kink.

Police & Thieves

“Police and Thieves,” an exhibit currently on display at the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) that investigates American precepts of criminal justice. Like the exhibit, the film attempts to overturn the taken-for-granted division between right and wrong.

Creating Our Niche

Through the use of paint, food, and sound, Lathisophon’s work challenges viewers to re-examine the relationship of self and place in their own lives. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lapthisophon says that “Construction of a National Identity” is part of a long line of exhibitions inspired by people and their interactions with one another and their surroundings.