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The latest release by Chicago emcees S.O.M. starts off with a brooding, minor key bounce that compels the listener–per the name of the album–to “Shut Up & Listen.” It is, for lack of a better word, hot. The album’s fourth track, “Where They @,” is club-ready, built on brisk acoustic guitar chords and the thump of an 808 drum machine. A bonus track, “Let It Go,” closes the album, conjuring both the refined beats and rapid tempo characteristic of fellow Chicago rhymer Twista. From beginning to finish, S.O.M.’s beats display at times the harmonic sophistication of Kanye, at others the DIY feel of Soulja Boy. The lyricism of these young emcees, whose stage names are Gideon and J-Ark, impresses. It’s possible to get crunk to the album, but also to feel grown and sexy.