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Hyde Park & Kenwood

Hyde Park and Kenwood are mostly residential and tree-lined, amber and beautiful in the autumn. The lake still reflects each sunrise, sending plumes of fog rolling west in the springtime. Surely more changes will come, but for now this area is a place for schoolchildren and undergraduates, working parents and professors, and of course, the President and those peculiar parakeets.

Not-so-secret Lair

A day before opening, First Aid Comics’ new location was covered in cardboard boxes and unassembled shelves. Though a disinterested passerby may simply see a mess, the store’s owner, James Nurss, sees potential.

Comic Relief

About two hundred people gathered in an assembly room at McCormick Place Friday, April 16, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the guest speaker. The crowd began applauding before he was even introduced, and they erupted into a chorus of cheers…