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Chasing Andrei

Saturday night’s director event at the University of Chicago’s Film Studies Center could have been called a lot of things, not the least accurate being something like “Trakovsky does Tarkovsky,” or “Solaris Changed My Life–Let’s See Who Else Agrees.” But the FSC went with the sufficiently self-evident, “Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky.”

Sound it out

With talent drawn from the deliciously obscure Midwestern avant-noise/free music scene, “Pictures and Sounds” revisited the live soundtrack tradition of early silent film.

From Russia with Love

Acclaimed art critic and film director Amei Wallach stood in front of an audience of about 30 last Thursday at the University of Chicago’s Film Studies Center to present clips from her work in progress, “How to Make a Paradise.”…

Reckless Inspiration

First impressions, they say, stay with you permanently. A small audience was reminded of this when they gathered on March 11 in the Film Studies Center of the University of Chicago’s Cobb Hall to attend Fire Escape Films’ Winter Screening…

Nitrate Kisses

Homosexual culture has been all but completely omitted from history, and a contrived narrative won’t help in raising awareness. Barbara Hammer makes these messages clear in her film “Nitrate Kisses.” The 1992 film was screened as a part of the…