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The right fight

As it tends to be with academics, authors, and activists, the narrative was slightly more complicated on Saturday night. At the Experimental Station, WBEZ and the Illinois Humanities Council brought together some of Chicago’s most entrenched activists and advocates to talk about Beth Richie’s most recent book, “Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation.”

Making house a home

A sonic blend of jazz, funk, blues, disco, soul and New Wave, the house music celebrated by the women of Honey Pot Performance is not the heavily-digitized music we think of today. Their inaugural show at the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone last Thursday attempted to recreate the energy and intimacy of the house scene the dancers grew up in.

Shouts ring out

Last Friday night, this performance, called “Ladies Ring Shout,” brought a crowd of South Side residents out of a cool rain and into the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone.

Fresh Ideas

Responding to the needs and expectation of their neighbors, the Experimental Station has launched numerous programs since the fire, in hopes of serving, equally, the diverse communities around it. Over the years, this commitment has manifested itself in areas of art, culture and politics. But perhaps the station’s greatest success has come through an unexpected medium: food.

Tellabrate good times

Last Sunday night, all over the world, people congregated to collectively recognize the rare art of storytelling. Spanning 40 states and nine countries, the performances, collectively known as “Tellabration,” have been organized by the National Storytelling Network, and are held…

Radio noir

“Please note that some of our sounds effects are a bit loud,” the warning read. “If you have sensitive ears, you might want to keep an eye on the trash can lids.” This note, displayed during “An Evening of Classic…

Taking the gold (away)

On October 12, at the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone, some two dozen people met to listen to a story. In a bare room with a concrete floor and a brick wall, Green Party candidate Tom Tresser and young activist Bob Quellos sat in front of microphones and told how an organization called No Games Chicago succeeded in stopping Chicago from winning the 2016 Olympic bid–a bid supported by Mayor Daley, the business community, $90 billion worth of funding, and even the President of the United States.