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In many ways, Libby looks like other troubled schools in Englewood. But for the past four years, all students have had the opportunity to be part of the spring musical, the annual culmination of the school’s extensive arts program.

Debate League

They all looked alike: understated white, blue or pink shirts and dresses, perhaps a jacket draped on the back of the chair, sporting loosened ties and conservative handbags. Most of the attendees were teachers. On last Wednesday night, however, similarities stopped at the sartorial at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

A Spike Lee joint

Filming was prohibited at Spike Lee’s talk on Wednesday, but Lee had some friendly advice for those committed to illicit documentation: “At least put your finger over the red light, man.” The Oscar-nominated director, producer, writer, actor, and professional rabble-rouser…

Preschool of Hard Knocks

“It was simply a composite of everything gone wrong.” Portia Kennel remembers. “The neighborhood was on the worst census track in the nation. It had every single risk factor at the time…poverty, overcrowding, failing infrastructure. Poor maternal health was rampant…