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Together Again

The third annual MDW Fair, a collection of 75 exhibitors from Chicago and beyond, took up the first and second floors of the Mana Contemporary Chicago space from Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 11. The website for the fair declares it to be a “showcase for independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries, and artist groups.” Yet, unlike many art expositions–the recent Expo Chicago held at Navy Pier comes to mind–its goal is not to promote sales or artists’ profiles, but rather to foster community: artists, craftsmen, and publishers gather for a weekend to interact with one another and the public in a pressure-free environment of art lovers.

Drink local

“We only serve water here,” asserted a young female volunteer tending a Revolution tap. But her serious face soon cracked a smile, indicating that, yes, she would pour me a glass of IPA as soon as she rinsed it out.…

Atypical Type

The third annual “Typeforce” opening at Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere is bustling. More than 500 people are expected to attend tonight. The crowd is a mix of fashionably-dressed twenty-somethings and an older set dressed more suitably for the weather. They are…