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Personal frames

We’d been gently encouraged to explore the DuSable Museum’s show “Reflections”–to let ourselves be engaged by photographer and Chicago native Terrence A. Reese, widely and affectionately known as Tar. But it just wasn’t coming together for me.

Emerge and See

Imagine the shockwaves that would ensue if a slave ship docked at the feet of the Statue of Liberty in present times. Renaissance man Daniel Beaty’s dynamic one-man play “Emergency!,” which landed at the DuSable Museum for two performances this…

A show for a King

In the cozy tent known as the Skylight Gallery, adults and children alike fell silent as the music died down. All eyes rested excitedly upon the purple and red puppet stage, waiting for the show’s beginning.

No woman, no cry

Two sisters, Ntozake Shange and Ifa Bayeza, stood onstage at a spoken-word event at the DuSable Museum last Friday to give voice to the saga of seven generations of African-American women. The words came from their new collaboration–a book called…