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Meeting Places

A group photography show, the “Space of the Encounter” examines everyday human interactions, the spaces in which they occur, and the relationship between each space and its inhabitants.

Reading Rainbows

Nicole Mauser’s luminous colors are the first thing to strike you–ambitious and assertive, her bright palette is a perky antidote for the dark and dreary first days of spring.

Close Encounters

“MERCY IS THE DOMAIN OF THE RICH,” travis cried, his booming voice traversing the four walls of the modest gallery space at DOVA. travis (always lowercase), an artist and member of the band ONO says his artistic mission “springs from a performative approach to race, gendered space, and colonial objectification.”

Ten For Ten

Inconspicuously sandwiched between a nail salon and a dry cleaning plant, DOVA Temporary is a long, lean, spare space with nothing but a reception desk, white walls, and currently, a selection of ten years worth of work by University of…

The Graduates

All-white walls enclose an unidentifiable treadmill-like device, the whoop, whoop, whoop-ing of its enormous belts sounding throughout the room. This gallery-within-a-gallery at the University of Chicago’s DOVA Temporary exhibition space in Harper Court was created by graduating Master of Fine…