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Persistence of Vision

As you enter the apartment at 55th and Hyde Park, the projector is on your left. Straight ahead, a canvas covered with what looks like multi-colored sponges hangs on a wall. When I ask about it, Julian Antos urges me…

Hyde Park & Kenwood

Hyde Park and Kenwood are mostly residential and tree-lined, amber and beautiful in the autumn. The lake still reflects each sunrise, sending plumes of fog rolling west in the springtime. Surely more changes will come, but for now this area is a place for schoolchildren and undergraduates, working parents and professors, and of course, the President and those peculiar parakeets.

Word is Out again

Last Friday, in front of a small but appreciative audience, the University of Chicago’s Doc Films opened a time capsule of LGBT life in the 1970s. “Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives,” the first full-length documentary made…