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Boarded-up storefronts not withstanding, 63rd Street is a pretty happening place. A terminus of the Green Line, “L” cars rumble above Cottage Grove. Underneath, Daley’s serves up steaming omelets, as it has since the restaurant opened in the 1930s. But the food, shoes, and booze end after only three blocks, and the activity comes to a dead stop.

Best of the South Side 2008: Woodlawn

In 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition brought economic prosperity to Woodlawn. Unfortunately, it left economic hardship in its wake that would persist for much of the next century, especially as a sudden racial succession turned the neighborhood from 87% white…

Best of the South Side: Woodlawn

Woodlawn was a battleground. It’s been claimed by Hyde Park Township and annexed by the City of Chicago. It’s been defended by immigrants and refugees, the University of Chicago and street gangs. Though battles still happen here–most notably between the…