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In Transit

A proposal to build a bus rapid transit line on Ashland Avenue might prove to be the kind of transit project the city needs, functioning as an effective conduit between the North and South Sides.

Track Changes

A five-month, $425 million project, the Dan Ryan Red Line closure has shut down nine stations, from 95th Street to Chinatown, with the promise of improving commute times by up to twenty minutes round-trip.

Common Law

Sporting their trademark red berets and white hoodies, Miguel “3rd Rail” Fuentes and his fellow members of the Chicago chapter of the Guardian Angels risk their lives attempting to deter crime and save the lives of strangers.

Red Line Rehab

On May 19, the southern portion of the Red Line will be shut down for a $425 million rehabilitation project. Over twenty thousand South Siders will have to find an alternative route to work.

Waiting for the Bus

Today, there is no bus along 31st Street. In the neighborhoods the street cuts through, east-west bus service is lacking. Between Cermak Road and 47th Street, Chicago’s grid system of bus service breaks down, leaving large areas of white space on the CTA system map and roughly 200,000 people without a direct route.

Picturing the transit Doomsday

The Chicago Transit Authority’s long-rumored Doomsday has finally come. Starting on February 8, bus routes and trains across the city saw steep reductions in service, corresponding with the layoffs of over one thousand CTA employees. Though some cuts may be…

Going for the Gold

The galvanizing effect that Barack Obama’s campaign has had on the South Side community is reflected in the recent organizing success of SOUL, a nonprofit coalition of congregations known as the Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation. By its own…

Next Stop

Chicago’s first elevated train went into operation in 1892, and since then the system has been constantly shifting. Today, few remember how it looked at its peak, before the formation of the CTA in 1947 out of the privately owned…