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A Tall Order

Few could interpret the nuances of Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Three Tall Women” with as much fluidity as director Charles Newell does in Court Theatre’s most recent production. A play which charts the life of an old woman from three different perspectives–the woman’s own, first at the end of her life, next in her middle age, and finally in her youth–“Three Tall Women” forces a director to maintain both synchronicity and contrast.

No Play Like Home

Wearing a jacket that suits him as poorly as urban life, Cephus Miles is brought to life in Court Theatre’s new production of Samm-Art Williams’s “Home.” Yet the northern metropolis through which he wanders has nothing wholesome to offer the…

Comedic License

Tucked away on Ellis Avenue, Court Theatre’s mission is summarized well by its claim of taking a “bold and risky approach to the classics.” Its name embraces its grounding in the classic theater and masque that flourished at the 17th-century English court while the slogan in its brochure, “Just minutes from the Loop in Hyde Park!” reflects an awareness of its position as an outpost of professional theater on the South Side.

What’s in a Name?

Though only two actors command the stage and the set consists of little more than chairs and a backdrop, Court Theatre’s production of “Sizwe Banzi Is Dead” is filled with an energy and charm that belies its spartan setup. Deftly…