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Uncomfortable Intimacy

Last weekend at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, “Trying to be cute bc the abyss” briefly turned the commodious white-walled gallery into an intimate space. This intimacy was not synonymous with comfort.

Panels on the Wall

It’s strange to see comics up on gallery walls–not because they are somehow unworthy of a gallery setting, but because they seem to live and die in the books, newspapers, and portable electronic devices on which a single pair of…

Dungeons, Dragons, and Design

“I was thinking about turning the implicit interactivity of gaming into something viewers could be a part of,” muses Jesse Avina, contemplative artist, while adjusting the reflectors on his tripod. This sentiment was shared by his fellow exhibitors at the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s LVL Eater 3 exhibition on Friday.

Striking Shades

“This artist used to have a lot of trouble with repetition,” Monika Neuland-Kimrey explained to me, as we looked at four variations on a single portrait of 80s pop star Boy George. All four iterations were done in the same bright, thick blocks of color, duplications that once confused Monika and the other staff who worked with Derrick Collins, the artist behind the piece.

Growing SMALL

At Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere this past Friday, two DJs occupied the center of the room, trading off tracks from a stack of Beastie Boys LPs in honor of MCA, the group’s recently deceased co-founder. Yet neither the avid scratching of…

Atypical Type

The third annual “Typeforce” opening at Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere is bustling. More than 500 people are expected to attend tonight. The crowd is a mix of fashionably-dressed twenty-somethings and an older set dressed more suitably for the weather. They are…