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How Far Will They Go

Kate S. Buckingham Special Education Center serves thirty-nine students with severe emotional disorders. If the school closes, its students will face a fourteen mile move to their new school, a trek many argue isn’t safe for them to make.

Behind the CPS Closures

On March 21, CPS announced the closure of more than ten percent of the city’s elementary and middle schools. The decision concluded five months of conversation between communities and the district. Officials hail the effort as genuine engagement. Others call it a sham.

Creative Futures

Bruce Taylor began the first day of class by asking his nine students why they were given their first names. “I was named Joy,” responded one student, “because my daddy said I brought joy into his life.” After two beats…

School of Last Resort

There’s a new school in South Shore, and it’s empty and beautiful. It has a swimming pool, a green roof, and state of the art lab facilities, but no students, as of yet. It needs to be occupied, though, and fast; by law, it cannot remain vacant past January 31.