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A Confusing Calamity

Thomas Wolfe mixes more than media. His collages conflate preying birds and preening beauties, substitute blossoms for bullet-broken plywood, and suggest something strangely glandular in irises and bull’s-eyes.

Lofty Goals

When I found my way to the front entrance of the Lacuna Artists Lofts, the gallery was buzzing with an electricity reminiscent of an arcade.

Dreams Behind Bars

This past Friday at the Chicago Art Department in Pilsen, the walls were covered with the words and paintings of the incarcerated youth of Cook County.

Obsession and Compulsion

“Obsessive Compulsive Drive,” a new exhibition at the Chicago Art Department, explores “the question of what drives the artist to create.” With painted bamboo panels, ambiguous photographs, Instagram photos, and mad paper and ink drawings, it’s easy to see that the line between artistic focus and mania runs thin.

In Between Days

Entering the Chicago Art Department on Friday night for “In Between Days,” a one-night-only video installation piece by Edyta Stepien, feels like crawling into an enormous blanket fort, surrounded on all sides by wall-sized projections of white sheets hanging on…

Looking Back

The first public showing of a young artist’s work is uniquely electric–the air carries a quiet humility and the hum of potential. The nervous energy is infectious. Multiply this by four and you have the feel of [Per-Sep-Shuhn], the senior…

The Right Perspective

Christian Saucedo bikes around Chicago, through residential neighborhoods and industrial overpasses. Equipped with masking tape and an eye for surfaces, he placates the police officers that question his motives. His canvasses are ceilings, floors, and walls; his tools are tape and a command of perspective.