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Everybody loves Raymond’s

I have to watch my step as I hop up three outside stairs to the densely tiled interior. A series of signs, posted at eye level along all four walls, remind me not to talk on my cell phone while ordering, to pay in cash, and, of course, to feel welcome. It’s 10:30am, the witching hour between breakfast and brunch. But Raymond’s is hopping. A line of patrons leans along the front counter, ordering in a mix of English and Spanish.

Bridgeport’s Best Brunch

For the mix of friends and strangers chatting in the charming garden of the Benton House, the only concern is the lack of coffee. The Bridgeport Alliance organized this potluck brunch with a small town atmosphere for the area’s community groups.

Pressed and Ready

Cooking a waffle is a straightforward thing–any monkey can put an Eggo in a microwave. But Waffles–a new South Loop brunch joint–makes a big impression with its creative takes on this breakfast staple.