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15 More Minutes

After the Ramova closed in 1986, in 2001, the city took over the building–seemingly the final nail in a coffin containing a piece of Bridgeport’s history. But Bridgeport resident Maureen Sullivan is striving to regain control.

Bloody Good Pie

Pleasant House Bakery was utterly charming. A chalk sign on the wall advertised pasties, royal pies, and “bangers and mash.” The entire kitchen, where two men were busy rolling dough and filling pies, was visible behind the counter. On a nearby table, a sprig of purple-blossomed chive rested in a small glass. The British bakery, now in its third week of existence, specializes in sweets, homemade sodas, and royal pies

Pub puzzlers

If you want to pay lots of money in exchange for being asked increasingly obscure and intellectual questions that will leave you hunched over the bar counter, drunk, broke, and brainless, Hyde Park is the place you’re looking for. The…

Where art meets life

Lines are being blurred in the Chicago art scene. As demonstrated by last Saturday’s Artist Run Spaces Tour, organized by the Hyde Park Art Center, the divisions between artist and curator, studio and gallery, office and home really aren’t so…