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Lofts and Loss

It was October 12th, and the private studios at the Cermak Center had opened all four floors of their loft space for a Chicago Artists Month group show.

Mary, Mary

On October 25, 1903, Chicago’s Polish newspapers proudly announced that Archbishop James Quigley had consecrated the new St. Mary’s Church of Perpetual Hope, creating the first Polish Roman Catholic Church in the country. This title was a long time coming for the congregation–the parish had been established 21 years earlier to serve Bridgeport’s growing Polish community.

Striking Shades

“This artist used to have a lot of trouble with repetition,” Monika Neuland-Kimrey explained to me, as we looked at four variations on a single portrait of 80s pop star Boy George. All four iterations were done in the same bright, thick blocks of color, duplications that once confused Monika and the other staff who worked with Derrick Collins, the artist behind the piece.

Oliver’s Cafe

Despite its recent inception, there was a quaint sense of comfort that pervaded every detail of Oliver’s Cafe. At the corner of 31st and Canal Street, Oliver’s Café offers an intimate dining experience that serves high-class food, presenting dishes that…

Jackalope Coffee & Tea House

At Bridgeport’s new Jackalope Coffee & Tea House, the outfit’s fresh-faced enthusiasm hits upon entering. The shop’s bright primary colors provide a burst of energy that, accompanied by a cheery “Good morning!,” wakes one up even before the first sip…


“The older I get, the more I understand that where I’m from and who I am is one of the great anomalies in major metropolitan life,” says Raymond Keeler. More than fifteen years ago, the Bridgeport native and most of…

Zebra’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

Inside, Zebra’s has a homey feel, with checkered napkins and plastic chairs ringed around white tables. The front of the house is cozy, not a large-scale dining establishment by any means; the counter at which I ordered was also the partition between the eating area and the kitchen.