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Circle in the Fire

It’s Friday night, and a decidedly eclectic assortment of Chicagoans gather in the evening hours to traverse the Zhou B Art Center, sip beer, and mingle with fellow attendees.

Bombing Style

Mario Gonzalez Jr. calls himself a “graffiti purist, hard core.” In his show “Style Bombing,” Gonzalez brings that artistry to the gallery, expertly walking the line between fine art and street art.

The Gathering

Hans Knapp has lived at the corner of 33rd and Halsted his entire life. Now, having graduated from DePaul with a math degree, he’s setting up shop just across the street. Joining him are two of his brothers, his friends, and…

Tracing Lines

“I wanna be in an open relationship with you and life forever.” So begins the most recent exhibit at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Custom Culture

Nestled between vacant lots near the dead ends of 37th and May Street in Bridgeport is the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, a former paint warehouse that now houses various small-craft organizations.