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Talk It Out

An incendiary book, Black P. Stone Nation, is discussed at the Hyde Park Unitarian Church, leading to a wider discussion on gangs and violence on the South Side.

Chapter 2

For nearly 50 years, the intricate maze of books that lies at the bottom of a steep staircase in the basement of the Chicago Theological Seminary building at 5757 South University Avenue in Hyde Park has been an incredibly popular place to get lost.

Dirty Words

In 1929, Joseph Stalin read a story and didn’t like it. He put down Andrei Platonov’s short story “Doubting Makar” and declared it an “ambiguous work.” It wasn’t a compliment. Ambiguity in literature is dangerous–any lack of clarity in art opens up opportunities for interpretation, and thus criticism. While the state press churned out more heroic accounts of Soviet projects, Platonov’s story languished in the drawer.