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A Dream, Ft. Jay-Z

Perhaps the pure white walls had something to do with the naming of Blanc Gallery. This much white could be overwhelmingly sterile, but in “Dreams in Jay-Z Minor,” it acts as a contrast to the powerful works of Amanda Williams and Krista Franklin. The name of the exhibit comes from a time when Williams and Franklin were both having recurring dreams that featured rapper Jay-Z. But the exhibit is far from a shallow homage to a pop culture icon.

Rose Tinted

The genesis of the “Pink | Space” exhibition was a simple question. Noyes asked herself, “What is my space?” To come to an answer, she looked inside humanity for something we all share: the color pink.

Toward a Future’s Past

As the head of both the Black Metropolis Convention and Tourism Council and the Bronzeville Online Visitor Information Center, Harold Lucas has worked, he says, to ensure that Bronzeville is recognized as the city’s “premiere destination for African-American tourism and cultural life.” But his is not the only vision of the neighborhood on display Friday night in Bronzeville. Twenty-four-year-old Columbia College graduate Tempestt Hazel joined with Lucas to present “The Future’s Past”–an art exhibit and community retrospective at the Blanc Gallery, which aims to provide an “introductory glimpse into the histories of Chicago’s Black Metropolis.”