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Cut Off

Depicting bright Indian apparel against abstract backgrounds, the mixed-media paintings at “Alter Ego” create a conversation between the viewer and the implied bodies that inabit each piece.

Alley Art

Since its percussive opening on April 14, artist and teacher Mathias “Spider” Schergen has showcased his work at the Beverly Arts Center in a show entitled “Neo-Naïve.” a reference to the “naïve,” seemingly untrained style the Chicago native works in.…


During the reception for his debut show, “Non People” at the Beverly Arts Center, James Dinnerville happily recalled anecdotes about 34 small black-and-white photographs of Chicago window displays.

Best of the South Side: Beverly

Beverly is a community that boasts a solid, middle-class society, Irish pride, and a haunted castle that has been in the area since 1886. The neighborhood is often referred to as Beverly Hills not for an eponymous area in California…