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Dat Donut

Rainbow sprinkled, toasted coconut, Boston cream pie, strawberry glazed, chocolate cake: these are only a portion of the twenty-five flavor spectrum of donuts offered at Dat Donut. With a red sign rivaling the size of its donut selection, the outpost…

Best of the South Side 2010

To walk around Pilsen is to walk around a vibrant neighborhood–dictated not by a sense of delineated borders, but by the sense of a multitude of people sharing a space in common. On any given afternoon, you’ll see mothers walking to get their schoolchildren, hipsters sauntering out of cheap Mexican diners, street vendors with carts full of fruit, and a gamut of small business hawking everything from car insurance to prom dresses. On weekends, you won’t come across the typical bar-going crowds, but will find artists dining at Decolores or young couples shopping at the local grocery store. In short, for all the talk of gentrification and the decline of the arts in Pilsen, it’s important to remember that it is, above all things, a neighborhood–people actually live here.