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In Auburn-Gresham, the streets are filled with renaissance. The word pops up all over the neighborhood. On 79th Street, a park earned the name from Mayor Daley’s dedication on its opening day, when he described Auburn-Gresham as entering a “new…

Englewood & Auburn-Gresham

There’s a common question asked to visitors of Englewood and Auburn-Gresham: “Do you know where you are?” If you’re walking in the neighborhoods west of the Dan Ryan and south of 55th, and a worried, well-meaning passerby thinks you might not be from the area, you might get asked yourself. If you’re not careful, the histories of Englewood, West Englewood, and Auburn-Gresham can read like bottomless tragedies.

Wild Wild West

St. Sabina Catholic Church, in Auburn Gresham on Chicago’s Southwest Side, is a cathedral-like edifice with comfortable padded pews and a large mural of a black Jesus. When I arrived there last Sunday in search of a book signing and…