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Uncomfortable Intimacy

Last weekend at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, “Trying to be cute bc the abyss” briefly turned the commodious white-walled gallery into an intimate space. This intimacy was not synonymous with comfort.

Space Jam

At night, Pilsen is bathed in a kind of urban yellow. The light slides over buildings, all either half-lit or dark. What makes Roxaboxen Exhibitions striking, then, are the red letters hanging in the window.

This Boy’s Life

The ACRE program’s one-room gallery may seem misplaced, being the only non-residential establishment next to a large empty parking lot on a side street in Pilsen. But for Adam Blumberg’s Boys’ Life, the one-room gallery space is perfect. It seems…

Forever You

“All About You Forever,” by McDowell, a North-Carolina-via-New-York video artist, was last week’s showcase at ACRE’s intimate gallery space on the northwestern edge of Pilsen. In humble digs no larger than 400 square-feet, McDowell created a layered and dark exploration into the tenuous divide between video and viewer.

Our Little ACRE

The spirit of “Walden” has been reincarnated in Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions (ACRE). ACRE allows artists who work on 100 acres of wetlands, hills and farmland in southwest Wisconsin to develop, discuss, and present their practices in the urban environment of Pilsen.