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Taking the gold (away)

On October 12, at the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone, some two dozen people met to listen to a story. In a bare room with a concrete floor and a brick wall, Green Party candidate Tom Tresser and young activist Bob Quellos sat in front of microphones and told how an organization called No Games Chicago succeeded in stopping Chicago from winning the 2016 Olympic bid–a bid supported by Mayor Daley, the business community, $90 billion worth of funding, and even the President of the United States.

Going for the Gold

The galvanizing effect that Barack Obama’s campaign has had on the South Side community is reflected in the recent organizing success of SOUL, a nonprofit coalition of congregations known as the Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation. By its own…

Olympic Dreams

“Chicago is a city that is frequently a tale of two cities,” said Terri Johnson of the Jane Addams Hull House Association; if anything, she may have been underestimating. Johnson was introducing a panel of speakers on the 2016 Olympic…